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Questions on buying real estate in France
What is Off-Market sale?
Some luxury property buyers do not want to sell in the traditional way and advertise their homes publicly. They look for a description and choose to sell through our agency and our network. To find off-market real estate deals in Monaco or to sell off-market, please contact us.
Why is Monaco a tax haven?

Monaco residents pay no income tax, property tax or housing tax. The Monegasque companies are exempt from capital gains tax, investment income tax and corporate income tax, with the exception of certain activities and profits, which are taxed at up to 25%.

How much is real estate in Monaco?

According to the official data of the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) in Monaco over the past 10 years the average price per m² has increased by 75% and in 2022 is 50 — 53 thousand euros per m².

On average, depending on location, appearance, condition, the price ranges from 30 to 70 thousand euros per m², but there are objects with a cost above 100 thousand euros per m² (it may be a penthouse with a pool, sea view, concierge, security).

The most prestigious area of Monaco is the «Golden Square» (Caré d’or), thanks to its central location, in this district prices from 50 to 70 thousand euros per m².

The more remote areas, the exotic gardens or «Moncheghetti», from 30 to 35 thousand euros per m² without a view and 45 to 50 thousand euros per m² with a view of the Prince’s castle or Monte Carlo. In the old town, where the center of government, public institutions, courts, will cost from 40 to 60 thousand euros per m².

Useful information about life in Monaco
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How to move to Monaco and obtain residency?
  • Stay in Monaco for more than three months a year or become domiciled in Monaco.
  • Provide Monaco residency justification.
  • Ensure sufficient financial resources.
  • Provide proof of lack of a criminal record.
  • Apply for a residence card from the Monegasque authorities.
What are the advantages of being Monegasque?
  • Thanks to Monaco's unique tax policy, Monaco residents pay no income tax, capital gains tax or property tax.
  • You'll enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year thanks to an extremely mild Mediterranean climate.
  • You'll benefit from Monaco's economic and political stability, high quality of life, excellent healthcare, top schools and outstanding personal security.
Taxes in Monaco
We’ve gathered answers to the most popular questions for you
What are Monaco property prices?

Real estate prices in Monaco have been rising steadily in recent years. Prices per square meter are ranged from €45,000 for a studio to €60,000 for a 5-room apartment in 2021, compared to an average of €30,000 in 2012.