Monaco in Figures

Monaco in Figures


Monaco, synonymous with opulence and allure, presents an unparalleled opportunity for discerning investors and luxury real estate connoisseurs. Beyond its glittering façade lies a vibrant economy and a thriving real estate market, beckoning those who seek to indulge in the epitome of sophistication and prestige. This exposé delves into Monaco's economic prowess, its demographic diversity, and its commitment to high standards across sectors, from tourism and transport to education.

Monaco's Economy

  • GDP: Monaco's economy is robust, with a GDP of €7.27 billion in 2021, marking a significant increase of 21.6%.
  • Revenue: The state budget in 2022 included revenues of €2.07 billion, with VAT contributing €999.5 million, nearly 48.2% of the total.
  • Business Environment: Monaco is home to 7,075 active economic agents, with 1,328 being Monegasque public limited companies (SAM).

Real Estate

  • In 2022, Monaco's real estate market saw a total transaction volume of €3.5 billion, with 520 transactions. Prices surpassed €50,000 per square meter, with new-build sales exceeding €1 billion, marking a significant milestone. The new-build sector represented 34% of total sales, driven by 146 properties delivered and a near 300% increase in new build sales over 2021. Resales rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, with larger apartment sales increasing by 12%. The rental market remains the most expensive globally, with average asking rents rising to €110 per square meter per month.
  • The principality boasts over 19,534 housing units, with an average household size of 2.1 people.
  • Approximately 77.8% of main residences have internet access, highlighting Monaco's modern living standards.


Monaco's population reflects its unique global allure and sustained growth, currently standing at 39,050 inhabitants. This diverse community is characterized by a significant elderly population, with 25.9% aged 65 and over, highlighting Monaco's appeal across different age groups. The principality boasts an impressive mix of 139 nationalities, underscoring its cosmopolitan nature. The largest communities include French, Monegasque, Italian, British, and Swiss, enriching Monaco's cultural tapestry. Notably, 9,686 Monegasques, making up a significant portion of the populace, choose to reside within Monaco, showcasing strong national pride and attachment to the principality

Business and Employment

Monaco's labor market is a cornerstone of its robust economy, encompassing a workforce of 60,519 individuals. Of these, a significant 13.9% are residents, illustrating the principality's ability to attract and retain a skilled local workforce. The employment landscape in Monaco is notably diverse, with a strong emphasis on the service sector, where 85.3% of the workforce is employed, highlighting the principality's modern, service-oriented economy.

A deeper look into the business ecosystem reveals that Monaco is home to 7,075 active economic agents, including 1,328 Monegasque public limited companies (SAM). This vibrant business environment is supported by a mix of international and local enterprises, demonstrating Monaco's global appeal and business-friendly climate.


Monaco's commitment to luxury tourism is evidenced by its impressive hotel industry, which recorded 514,474 room nights, prominently featuring accommodations with 80.1% of rooms rated four or five stars. The principality also demonstrated its appeal as a premier cruise destination, welcoming 54,522 passengers. These figures not only underscore Monaco's status as a luxury tourist hotspot but also its strategic importance to the local economy.


Monaco's climate is defined by its Mediterranean warmth, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 35.1°C and dropping to a minimum of 5.3°C, showcasing the region's mild winters and hot summers. The average temperature is maintained at 18.2°C, offering residents and visitors a comfortable environment throughout the year. Monaco enjoys approximately 2,650 hours of sunshine, coupled with 43 days of rainfall annually, ensuring a climate that is both pleasant and conducive to a variety of outdoor activities and leisure.


Monaco's transport infrastructure, essential to its dynamic lifestyle, comprises 8 bus lines that collectively facilitate over 6.3 million trips. The principality's connectivity is further enriched by two bustling ports and a railway station that accommodates 5.9 million passengers. Additionally, the heliport, supporting 44,263 passengers, underscores the comprehensive and versatile transport options available, catering to both local and international movements.

Monaco Police

Monaco is renowned for its high level of security. With a population of around 39,700, the principality's police force numbers just over 500 officers, equating to roughly one officer for every 80 citizens. To enhance security, Monaco strategically employs 984 CCTV cameras throughout its territory. The Monegasque military, which includes the Prince's Carabiniers and the fire and rescue brigade, totals 255 personnel. The Carabiniers are responsible for the protection of the Prince and his palace and were established back in 1817. The force also includes a band, the Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince, emphasizing the ceremonial aspect of Monaco's military tradition.


The principality's education system is robust, nurturing 6,358 pupils across 14 schools, which include 10 public institutions. This educational framework reflects Monaco's strong commitment to fostering a knowledgeable and well-rounded future generation, underpinning the high value placed on education within the community.


Concluding, Monaco emerges not only as a sanctuary for the affluent but also as a beacon of economic strength and cultural richness. Its strategic focus on business development, alongside maintaining an environment of exclusivity, cements its status as a distinguished destination for international business and high-end living.

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